Juniper Webinar "No Humans Allowed - IoT and the New Security Challenge"

27.07.17 15:00 – 27.07.17 16:00 Online

Datum:            27. Juli 2017
Zeit:                15:00 Uhr
Referenten:   Laurence Pitt und Lee Fisher, Security Specialists bei Juniper Networks
Sprache:         Englisch

A hacker needs three things to succeed; means, motive, and opportunity. The motive is sustained by the ever-increasing value of data and the need for organisations to have instant access to this data. The means and opportunity depend, to a large extent on the cunning of potential hackers.

The Internet-of-Things, with its aim to connect everything, offers both opportunity and the means to propagate new attacks in an environment that offers a scale unseen before. But IoT also offers a new way to think about security.

Some may say IoT demands you think about security in a new way. Whatever your view, this webinar hosted by Lee Fisher and Laurence Pitt will highlight the emerging threat landscape, but also show you how a new approach to security helps you reap the benefits whilst minimising the risk.

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