Juniper "Sky ATP Webinar"

27.07.17 17:00 – 27.07.17 18:00 Online

Sky ATP: Add value Advanced Zero-Day Malware Protection

Datum:        27. Juli 2017  
Zeit:            18:00 Uhr
Ort:             Online
Referent:    Dirk Muytjens
Sprache:     Englisch


Today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape is forcing security systems to adapt at the same pace. Hackers are trying to evade your customer’s defenses. They have a wide array of malware at their exposal to evade defenses. To thwart them, cybersecurity needs to be effective, intelligent, and fast.

Sky ATP uses state-of-the-art machine learning to check user downloads and email attachments on evasive malware before it can affect your customers business. It can detect whether or not files entering the network are actually zero-day malware in disguise. It integrates with SRX Series next-generation firewalls to deliver deep inspection, inline blocking, and actionable alerts.

Sounds complicated? Then join this webinar to learn and understand Juniper Networks Sky ATP solution in no-nonsense terms.

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