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BlueCat DNS Security™

Leverage the power of DNS to identify intent, take action and keep your network secure

BlueCat DNS Security™ enables enterprises to gain visibility into the intent of every device on their network, uses those insights to identify inappropriate behavior, and then take appropriate action against suspicious or malicious activity.

DNS data can provide powerful insights on what is going on in the network. However, collecting, analyzing and harnessing the information to secure the network are beyond the reach of most companies.

Many solutions today require an investment in applications that need to be installed on network infrastructure but don’t always provide a more secure environment.

BlueCat DNS Security™ is different. Our solution uses the power of DNS data to identify events and then apply policies that actively block devices or queries that exceed risk thresholds – all without requiring changes to your infrastructure.

  • Identify suspect activity
  • Take action on suspect activity
  • Assess the level of risk of an intended action
  • Block known threats before they manifest
  • Enforce policies across all devices

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Juergen Kerstan

Business Development Manager

0049 (0) 89 371564 258