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Check Point Endpoint Policy Management

Endpoint Policy Management



Endpoint Policy Management Software Blade
The Check Point Endpoint Policy Management Software Blade simplifies endpoint security management by unifying all endpoint security capabilities in a single console. Monitor, manage and enforce policy, from an at-a-glance dashboard down to user and machine details, all with a few clicks.



Unified endpoint security management reduces security gaps

  • Unify all endpoint security protection in a single management console
  • Comprehensive, immediate security with preconfigured, customizable policies
  • Integrated into Check Point Software Blade Architecture for on-demand security


Maximum visibility and control of security and at-a-glance dashboard

  • Quickly deploy the right level of protection for the right group of user
  • Manage security for entire organizations, groups, users and their devices
  • Enforce and remediate endpoint compliance before accessing network


Policy management and security for users, not just machines

  • Drill-down on users and all their associated machines to investigate status
  • Apply security policy to users, no matter what machine they log into
  • Modify, track and report policy changes at all levels of the organization


Daniela Oestmann