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Check Point Security Gateways Virtual Edition

Virtuelle Securtiy Gateways






Check Point Security Gateway Virtual Edition™ (VE) protects dynamic virtualized environments and external networks from both internal and external threats by securing virtual machines and applications. Based on proven security technologies and the Software Blade architecture, VE inspects inter-VM traffic in dynamic virtualized environments.



Enforce security for dynamic virtualized environments
  • Plug-&-Play security for virtual machines requiring no network changes
  • Preserve security with zero downtime during virtual machine live migration
  • Ensure newly added virtual machines are protected with automatic security policy enforcement


Software Blade Architecture delivers comprehensive security to protect inter-VM traffic

  • Granular firewall policies protect against both internal and external threats
  • Integrated intrusion prevention protects against malicious and unwanted network activity
  • Secure host virtual machines as well as external networks and assets


Single Management for physical and virtualized environments

  • Simplify security management with unified administration of physical and virtualized environments
  • Clear separation of administrative functions between virtualization and security admins
  • Accelerate auditing and achieve compliance with tailored reporting for the virtual infrastructure


Daniela Oestmann

Business Development Manager

0049 (0) 89 371564 232