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IT Compliance

Meet IT Compliance Mandates with Intelligence and Automation

Aiming at a Moving Target

When it comes to IT compliance, the target is always in motion. Your teams are tasked with meeting a dizzying array of regulatory requirements and internal directives.

It’s a daunting undertaking. It entails manually collecting data across a diverse, multi-vendor systems. Mandates are often vague, requiring interpretation and translation by your most senior network engineers. In the meantime, your most critical data may be at risk for exfiltration without detection and you might be out of compliance with regulatory requirements.


Automate the Heavy Lifting

Manual IT compliance efforts introduce errors and sap valuable resources. Infoblox takes manual compliance burdens off your plate, freeing you to focus resources on core business objectives. With Infoblox, you can automatically assess and ensure the compliance of network infrastructure with business goals and regulatory mandates. Your teams can simplify what it takes to document and encode control policies across diverse, multi-vendor networks.


Manage Risk While Protecting in-scope Data

Meet IT compliance requirements for in-scope data, even as regulatory mandates evolve. The Infoblox platform helps you protect regulated data by automatically blocking DNS-based data exfiltration


Strengthen Enforcement - with Better Visibility

Bring unprecedented clarity and simplicity to your enforcement efforts. Through Infoblox, you gain a single source of truth for network and device data across the enterprise. You’ll always know what is out of compliance and where corrective action needs to take place. In addition, our platform makes audits simple and automatically defines in-scope network segments for compliance, vastly increasing accuracy and enforcement oversight.


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