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Network Automation

Infoblox | NetMRI®

NetMRI is the network management tool that finds trouble before trouble finds you. Each morning, the first tool our Engineering team checks is NetMRI.

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Efficiently Discover and Analyze Network Configurations

Automatically discover all devices on your network, where they reside, and how they link together. Proactively monitor and analyze network configurations to identify configuration problems early. Apply deep analysis and insights to optimize your network, avoid outages, and identify rogue devices. Easily inventory and visualize multiple topology layers and network constructs, such as VLANs, routes, and virtual networks.



Rapidly Adapt to Evolving Business Needs

Automate network change, rapidly provision new services, and implement network modifications in minutes instead of days or weeks. Remediate and provision automatically and dynamically without waiting for manual action. Gain the agility to harness network insights to resolve violations faster and accelerate service provisioning and network maintenance.



More Easily Monitor and Enforce Policies

Automatically and continually enforce and audit network infrastructure configurations. Simplify enforcement of corporate and regulatory compliance requirements such as PCI, HIPAA, DISA, and STIGs across multi-vendor equipment. Apply out-of-the-box configuration policies to evaluate your network against industry best practices without having to write scripts.



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