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Pulse Workspace - Trusted BYOD Solution for Mobile Devices

Pulse Secure Pulse Workspace is helping companies rethink mobility. Pulse Workspace provides a trusted BYOD container for iOS and Android that secures the apps your company needs and gives workers a native user experience that separates work and life.

Container Security without Compromises
Pulse Workspace secures any mobile app without making security and usability tradeoffs.
  • Pulse Workspace provides container security that encrypts all data at rest, controls data sharing between enterprise apps, wipes corporate data without affecting personal information and connects directly to the enterprise VPN.
  • Pulse Workspace is the only security solution that does not modify iOS and Android apps with app-wrapping or require the use of an SDK.
  • Pulse Secure's App Virtualization technology for Android is key to BYOD security because it raises the Android security bar to the same level as iOS.
  • Pulse Workspace respects user privacy and choice, limiting IT visibility and control to the enterprise container and giving workers a native user experience on their personal device of choice.
  • Pulse Workspaces innovation makes every employee a mobile worker with constant access to cloud and datacenter resources for collaboration, messaging, CRM, ERP and information sharing.

End-to-end Security with On-Demand Connectivity
Pulse Workspace simplifies how BYOD users securely connect to applications and services.
  • Per-app connectivity is policy controlled to tunnel app traffic over the VPN, enable direct access to the Internet or block traffic.
  • On-demand VPN access with certificate-based authentication makes it easy for users to connect and IT to enforce security compliance.
  • Users simply enter their pin or password to open the Workspace and then touch the app they want for messaging, collaboration, CRM, ERP and data sharing.
  • Enterprise IT can enforce compliance policies, such as Android root detection, with certificate revocation or ActiveSync controls to supervise network access based on Workspace health.
  • The threat of man-in-the-middle attacks and malware is eliminated because the Workspace prevents personal apps from accessing enterprise connections.

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